Real time business intelligence at continental

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Founded in Presented By: Chris Kufchak Ryan Scott Steve Szymanski Brianna Bork Katrina Mackiewicz Continental Airlines: A Brief History Services most destinations in the airline industry Headquartered in Houston, Texas Real-Time Business Intelligence: Best Practices at What is it?

According to Judy Davis' article "Right-Time Business Intelligence Optimizing the Business Decision Cycle—Teradata Case Study: Continental Airlines" published in the Business Intelligence Network Research Report, Continental uses its Teradata enterprise data warehouse to drive several operational BI applications, including revenue.

Many Success Stories • Real-time business intelligence solution at Continental Airlines (() g gCA): CA uses business intelligence to gather and store data from the flight manifest, customer information, reservation data, departure times, gate.

Real-time data warehousing and BI, supporting its aggressive Go Forward business plan, have helped Continental Airlines alter its industry status from “worst to first” and then from “first to favourite”.

Business Intelligence Set #5 Final.

Continental acquires Singapore based mobility intelligence firm Quantum Inventions

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Key words: Business Intelligence, business decision-making, analytics, memory, such as continental Airlines, have seen investment in BI generate increase in revenue and cost saving transforming and transfering data for subsequent analytics in real time.

Real time business intelligence at continental
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