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The Laramie Project: An Exploration of Prejudice and Tolerance

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Oct 12,  · The Laramie Project — one of the most-performed plays of the last decade — is based on the true story of Matthew Shepard, the young man who.

Alfred H. Muller Studio Theatre Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA, October 19, 20, 26, & 27 at 7pm October 21 & 28 at 2pm ~ p.m.

By Moisés Kaufman & The Members of Tectonic Theatre Project Directed by Greg Foro. The following are JPEGs of a twelve-page PDF that chronicles Matthew’s story, the story of Tectonic and the development of The Laramie Project, and relevant LGBT rights, bullying, hate crime legislation and social activism from the s to today.

Laramie project
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The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later by Moisés Kaufman