If school started one hour later

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Pediatricians Officially Want High Schools To Start Later

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This whole week is intermixed on releasing stuck energy from the order, and moving through our aardvark. A fast-moving, wind-fueled brush fire has burned about 50, acres in Ventura County, officials said. Start School Later movement The authors, economists Brian A. Jacob and Jonah E. Rockoff, predicted that starting high schools one hour later, at about 9 a.m., would result in roughly $17, in increased future earnings per student in present value—a benefit:cost ratio of at least even when changing schedules requires upfront.

Smart News Keeping you current Sleep Scientists Say School Days Should Start Later For better learning, some researchers say school days should start at 10 AM.

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Home >> Sleep News >> Backgrounder: Later School Start Times Adolescents today face a widespread chronic health problem: sleep deprivation. Although society often views sleep as a luxury that ambitious or active people cannot afford, research shows that getting enough sleep is a biological necessity, as important to good health as eating well.

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If school started one hour later
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When Sleep and School Don't Mix | TIME