A history of chemical warfare

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Chemical Warfare: As Old As History

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U.S. History of Chemical Weapons Use and Complicity in War Crimes, by Brian Kalman

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Chemical weapons in World War I

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This chemical warfare was a major component of the first global war and first total war of the 20th century. The killing capacity of gas was limited, with about ninety thousand fatalities from a total of million casualties caused by gas attacks.

US history of chemical weapons use It must be stated that much of the chemical weapons in the Iraqi arsenal are based on the chemical warfare agents supplied to the Saddam Hussein regime during the height of the Iran-Iraq war by the United States and other western nations. Saddam used some of these U.S.

supplied weapons to murder thousands. As news spread about the gas attacks, Allied chemists in Europe and North America had mobilized to help establish chemical weapons research programs, such as the U.K.’s Porton Down research center and what would become the U.S.’s Chemical Warfare Service.

America's history of chemical weapons use and complicity in war crimes. Brian Kalman Southfront It must be stated that much of the chemical weapons in the Iraqi arsenal are based on the chemical warfare agents supplied to the Saddam Hussein regime during the height of the Iran-Iraq war by the United States and other western nations.

"This 'chemical weapons taboo' appears to have originated in the innate human aversion to poisonous substances," says Jonathan Tucker, author of a history of chemical weapons.

Sep 24,  · The US has a sordid history with chemical weapons, and US denunciations of other nations’ use of chemical weapons is rank hypocrisy. From Brian Kalman at lemkoboxers.com: Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront; Brian Kalman.

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