A biography of john l sullivan

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John L. Sullivan

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John Lawrence Sullivan

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John L. Sullivan

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John L. O'Sullivan

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Sullivan, America’s First Sports Hero, newly available in. 45 rows · John Lawrence Sullivan (October 15, – February 2, ), also known as the "Boston Strong Boy", was an Irish-American boxer recognized as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing, holding the title from February 7,to Losses: 1.

John L. Sullivan: John L.

John Sullivan (general)

Sullivan, American professional boxer, one of the most popular heavyweight champions and a symbol of the bareknuckle era of boxing. Sullivan began to fight professionally in after briefly studying at Boston College.

This is a biography of John L Sullivan's life with John's family tree and vintage photos. John L Sullivan was born on May 11, John L Sullivan died on July 7, Aug 31,  · Biography In the early days of its career, John L.

John Sullivan (general)

(who was named after the boxer John L. Sullivan) performed a boxing act with his trainer, Eph Thompson. John would have a boxing glove placed at the end of his trunk to spar with Thompson.

Biography. John L. Sullivan is a well known American Wrestling. John L. Sullivan famous for contribution in professional life. John L. Sullivan was born on 25 November, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. Before became famous, John L. Sullivan was a student.

A biography of john l sullivan
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